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June 22, 2021  

Leadership: Nurture or Nature?

Are leaders born or made?  How can leaders make themselves better?

June 8, 2021  

Meetings: The Good, Bad & Ugly

Our angry rants about meetings followed by what good looks like.

May 25, 2021  

Nightmare Team / Dream Team

What really counts when building a dream team?

May 11, 2021  

Measure It. Measure What? (Strategy IV)

Death by numbers vs knowing we're in the right place, healthy and ready to be successful.

April 22, 2021  

Fear In Leadership

With guest Colin Hunter: How can a leader help her team confront fear? 

April 6, 2021  

Buy Customers, or Bye Bye Customers?

Where to draw the line between exploiting or growing customers.

March 23, 2021  

Strategy III Execution

Strategy is Invisible. All you can see is Execution.

March 9, 2021  

Leading With Purpose with Jim Kirkwood of TTC

Jim Kirkwood, CEO of TTC of discusses scaling the business, his approach to leadership, navigating challenges and the gritty leader he most admires.

February 23, 2021  

168 Hours. What effective leaders do.

Ben and Ian explore how effective leaders choose what to do to maximise the impact of each week.  Each 168 hours. 

February 9, 2021  

What Is Strategy? Part 2

How do the elements come together to produce a strategy?  Also, Ben talks about Reni Eddo-Lodge's book, 'Why I'm No Longer Talking To White People About Race', and Ian discusses 'Intent'.

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